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Forge Composite: Behind The Series with Billy Vivona

January 23, 2024

Forge Composite: Behind The Series with Billy Vivona

I am pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of two new lines of blanks by Rod Forge. The first is the Forge Composite (FC) series (Now Available), with the second line set to be unveiled soon. This initiative aligns with Rod Forge and my vision to provide anglers with a diverse selection catering to various preferences. Specifically designed for inshore saltwater fishing and some heavier freshwater applications, these blanks offer versatility and performance.

The Forge Composite series is meticulously crafted using mid-modulus carbon fiber (graphite) and S-Glass, resulting in blanks that are not only crisper but also lighter in weight. The initial release of the FC series will feature three models, with additional options coming to the series very soon.

Distinguishing these blanks is a unique rating system, allowing builders to select the most suitable model for their fishing application. Each blank is characterized by two weight ratings: Casting and Sinker weights. The Casting Weight ratings guide the selection process for those who prefer to cast lures, jigs, or bait to maximum distances. Conversely, if the angler intends to do more fishing deeper and drop weight straight down, the Sinker Weight ratings become instrumental.

Consistency is maintained across the power rating system throughout the series. Ranging from the lightest with a 0 power to the heaviest with a 6 power, this system echoes traditional manufacturer ratings such as MLF (Medium Light Fast), M (Medium), MHF (Medium Heavy Fast), etc.

In addition to weight ratings, line ratings are provided on the blanks to aid those accustomed to rating blanks by line class. However, it is essential to note that these line ratings are intended as guidance, as anglers often opt for braid heavier than the rod ratings, adjusting the drag in alignment with the blank ratings. All Forge Composite blanks with a power rating of 2 will feature a 15-25# line class rating.

So, let’s put all this information together and devise a game plan to select the ideal blank for your application.

For bottomfish applications where you will be using a 5oz sinker – there are currently two options: the FC 801 and 802. Looking at the bottom weight rating on the 801, it will handle 1-5oz; the 802 is 2-8oz.  Ask yourself if you always fish 5oz and sometimes 6oz, or are you fishing 2-4oz and once in a while 5oz?

As an angler, you must also consider your fishing conditions (water depth, current, and fish size). If you are in deep water with a bit of current, using a 5oz sinker might weigh more due to the conditions. These questions all factor into which blank is the right one for you; a lot of it will be based on each individual’s “feel” – we’re all different and have our preferences on what we like a rod to feel when being fished. I prefer fishing in less than 40 feet with 5oz, the FC 801 will be ideal. Deeper than that I would use an FC 802.

Rating rods is very subjective and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and it’s a guessing game as to how they came up with the ratings. When rating these, I hung sinkers off the tip, and for the low-end rating, I wanted the blank to have some life when I lifted the sinker off the ground. I knew I needed a heavier weight if the blank didn’t flex when lifting the sinker and felt like a broomstick. I repeated this process for the top end, but when the sinker was lifted off the ground, I didn’t want the tip to struggle to lift it. This makes the ratings CONSISTENT from blank to blank.

Your preference might be that a particular blank is under/overrated – all this means is that the entire Forge Composite line will also be over/underrated to your preference. You can confidently choose to get what you want in the future. Some people feel the 802 rated to 8oz should only be 6oz, while others have told me it’s good up to 12oz.

I hope you can soon build and fish on a Forge Composite blank. You definitely will not be disappointed. Stay tuned for more additions to the series.

-Billy Vivona

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