USA. It’s in our fiber.


Does Rod forge have accounts for Rod Builders?

Yes, If you are a registered rod building business. Here is the link on where to apply.

Is there an option to paint a blank from a different company if I send it to you?

Unfortunately, we do not provide solo painting services. We have an extensive lineup of blanks and we’re happy to find the one that best matches your needs.

Can Rod forge design a blank for me?

The process of designing blanks is a long and expensive process. However, we have a large collection of blanks and are confident we can find one that fits your needs.

My tracking number won’t work. Why?

You received the shipping email for when our warehouse created the shipping label. Please allow a day or two for the tracking system to update.

Can I cut blanks to the length I want them?

You can safely take 6 inches off the butt of any of our blanks.

Where are your blanks made?

Our blanks are made and shipped out of our factory here in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Do you guys work with rod builders on new designs?

We work with some of the best in the industry to help us dial in our blanks.

What is the difference between Clear Gloss, and Flat?

Our Flat is a matte clear coat that allows the natural color and look of carbon fiber (grayish black) to be present on the blank. Our Clear Gloss Finish is like the Natural Finish in color, but we add a gloss to it that makes the blank shine in the light.