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Billy’s Blog: A Visit to the Rod Forge Factory & Testing New Blanks

The highly anticipated new models for the Forge Composite series are finally available. While the entire series is not "complete," the five new additions to the Forge Composite series are some of the most requested...
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Artful Angling: Functional Arts in Custom Rod Building

I love so many aspects of building custom rods. While I focus heavily on decorative arts, I greatly emphasize functional arts, such as building rods that solve problems. Whether it be rod handle construction, guide layouts, or being intimately familiar with a particular fishing application and finding the correct blank...

Show Time – 2024 ICRBE Recap

The NERBs rolled into Winston-Salem on Thursday night, preparing for our Decorative Wraps class on Friday. This class featured nine students who wanted to learn the Art of making excellent Dec (Decorative) Wraps. There were 7 mentors to sit with each to ensure they were getting every bit of info...