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New Forge Composite Models Added – Here’s How We Are Fishing Them

June 11, 2024

New Forge Composite Models Added – Here’s How We Are Fishing Them

The highly anticipated new models for the Forge Composite series are finally available. While the entire series is not “complete,” the five new additions to the Forge Composite series are some of the most requested models since the series launched earlier this year, and we can promise you they are well worth the wait.

Earlier this year, we posted a blog with rod builder Billy Vivona discussing the origins of the Forge Composite series and some recommended applications/builds for the first models we released: the FC 730, FC 801, and FC 802. You can read that blog here. Once again, Billy has provided some recommendations for the five latest models: the FC 731, FC 732, FC 733, FC 734, and FC 804.

FC 731:

“The FC 731 is a versatile tool, perfect for bottom fishing for blackfish, throwing plugs and swimmers to striped bass, and every inshore fishing application for a rod rated 10-20#. It is an ideal blackfish jigging blank for both shallow and deep water, handling jigs between 5/8oz and 2oz, with the sweet spot at ¾ – 1 1/2oz. For bottom fishing, it can handle up to 5oz. This multi-purpose rod will make you feel equipped for any fishing adventure.”

** I ensured that when I designed the 730 & 731, the tip transitioned smoothly into the mid-section of the blank. The similar prior version that I collaborated with a different company had a floppy tip that had a hinge point, which many were unhappy with, but I took the feedback and made these improvements to the 730 & 731

FC 732:

“Rated for 15-25#, this is the most popular blank for inshore saltwater fishing applications. It will do everything you need, from snagging bunker and live lining for bass, bottom fishing with up to 8oz, blackfish jigging with 1-2oz, to fluking with a jig or bait.”

FC 733:

“This blank will handle a 10oz sinker for bottom fishing and deepwater fluking and is an ideal blank for blackfishing with a rig and diamond jigging. Bass (Bluefish if they ever come around) with up to a 4oz jig will be a perfect match. This will fit the bill for cobia and drum fishing in the mid-Atlantic, as the blank has a lot of power to handle larger fish.”

FC 734:

“Deepwater blackfish rod, especially down in Maryland or Virginia. Nantucket Fluke 90’ of water with 12oz chicken rigs. Stripers, cobia, and drum are perfect blanks for all these applications.”

FC 804:

“The FC 804 and FC 733 are very similar. Like the FC733, the FC 804 is great for bottom fishing and deepwater fluking. You can also use it for bass, but also take it out to the mid-Atlantic to target larger fish like cobia and drum with ease.”

Check out the Forge Composite series here.

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