USA. It’s in our fiber.

Introducing the All New Flintlock Series

The Flintlock series is designed to be durable and dependable – exactly what every angler needs. Priced to help all anglers upgrade to USA-made equipment without breaking the bank, the Flintlock offers tournament-grade performance made from hi-modulus carbon fiber.

HTD Blank Series

The Rod Forge HTD – Here to Dominate – blanks are for the discerning angler who recognizes technology and demands the best performance. These high modulus blanks are precisely engineered with smooth actions, solid backbone, extreme sensitivity, and surprising durability.

Build With Confidence

We've designed mandrels and carbon fiber flag patterns to obtain the exact actions expert anglers from all over the globe demand in a blank. We think your rod builds deserve a palette that is up to your standards, so build with confidence on a Rod Forge blank.

Rod Forge Color Sample Kit

Elevate your creative process with our Color Sample Kit today! Get true-to-life examples sent to your home and be able to pick your next blank color with precision.

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A simple idea now being realized.

A “Made in the USA” production option available for consideration by every American fishing rod brand.

We developed the most advanced blank design software in the world, and we use it to design every blank in the line-up.  You can trust a Rod Forge bank to perform as described, and have the durability that rod makers require and anglers demand.

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“We want American companies to have the choice of using American manufacturing in the production of their fishing rod products and for that option to be on a cost competitive basis.”

Frank-Paul King