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Why You Should Attend the International Custom Rod Building Exposition

February 8, 2024

Why You Should Attend the International Custom Rod Building Exposition

The International Custom Rod Building Exposition, aka ICRBE, takes place in February in Winston-Salem, NC. This year, the event takes place on February 24-25

My first show was as an attendee in 2005, and we’ve had a NERBs booth at the show all but three years since. I have to give credit to Ken Preston, who allowed me to sit in his booth while he was presenting a seminar room and talk about decorative wraps with the other consumers attending the show. Ken returned from his seminar to a large crowd around his booth, and he allowed me to stay there and “work the room.” I knew I had to get my booth with the NERBs the following year.

For the 2024 event, The NERBs booth will be adjacent to the Rod Forge booth, which will allow me to spend time with rod builders eager to learn more about Rod Forge blanks – specifically the line of inshore saltwater blanks I have been working on designing with the Rod Forge team. 

Rod Forge will have their entire lineup available at the show, consisting of the NSB, NSB Inshore, HTD, and a new series. Pass by the booth, check them out, and share your thoughts on the bend, power, and action and what you like, dislike, and would like to see in the future. 

Attending ICRBE is a perfect opportunity for custom rod builders to see and feel the entire Rod Forge product line, see what is coming later in 2024, and learn more about the people behind the scenes who make up the heart and soul of the Rod Forge brand. Don’t miss the color samples – this is an excellent opportunity to look at the 20+ colors they offer.

While Rod Forge will not have blanks of every color available to purchase at the show, each series will be painted its own show-exclusive color, and all blanks will be discounted at a special ICRBE show pricing- roughly 40-70% off, range depending on the blank. They will also have specials on raw prototype blanks. This is an excellent opportunity for rod builders to get some awesome blanks at a fantastic deal.

The NERBs booth is always the center of attraction at this show. We have had upwards of 100 custom rods on display containing high-skill-level artwork. About 30 of us will be there to share our knowledge, passion, and personality with those inspired to build rods in the NERBs style of custom rod artwork. 

We always have a lot of fun, and our booth stays busy with rod builders checking out the rods on display and learning more about the craft.

-Billy Vivona

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