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New Rod Forge Blank Colors & Models Added

April 21, 2023

New Rod Forge Blank Colors & Models Added

Rod Forge is excited to announce six new models and ten new colors to Rod Forge blanks. Check out these new additions:

New NSB Models:

NSB-66MLF / 6’6” Medium Light

NSB-70MLF / 7’0” Medium Light

NSB-76MLF / 7’6” Medium Light

NSB-76XHF / 7’6” Extra Heavy

Check out these new additions to the NSB Series here!

New NSB Inshore Models:

NSB Inshore 66MHF / 6’6” Medium Heavy

NSB Inshore 76MLF / 7’6” Medium Light

Click here to view the full updated list of NSB Inshore Rod Forge blanks.

New Colors Added:

Red, White, Silver, Metallic Pink, Neon Green, Crimson, Metallic Orange, Yellow, Flat, Raw (No Finish)

Stay tuned for new Rod Forge blanks!

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